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Fifty-Four Years Later

May 26, 2012

At fourteen, when I started high school, I was bright and popular, popular in the sense that everyone knew me and most liked me.   At school, I hung around with the smart kids and was elected to class offices. My neighborhood life was reminiscent of the four boys in Stand By Me … mischief out of sight of adults.   I was also 4′ 10″ tall.  I had lots of girl friends but no girlfriends … girls treated me like a pal or little brother.  That was not a happy state of affairs.  One Friday evening, I got a phone call at home.  The girl on the line who described herself as brunette with blue eyes said that she was a Secret Admirer and that she wanted to meet me.  Be in front of Holcomb’s Drug Store at one o’clock tomorrow.  Click.  There was no privacy in our house. Who was that? Mom said.  Just someone from school, I said, probably blushing.  My fourteen year old brain knew I was being pranked, but there I was at one, hanging around in front of Holcomb’s Drug Store.  By one forty-five, I knew my fourteen year old brain had been right.  I got to spend the next week waiting for someone at school to tell about how dumb I was, thinking I could have a secret admirer. (more…)