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June 18, 2019

YRPI walk four or five times a week in Yorba Regional Park, one of the gems of the Orange County Regional Park System.   It is one of the places I will miss most when we move to Utah late this year.   During the week, the park is sparsely populated so I get to pay attention mostly to the natural beauty of the place, the lakes and the greenery and the assorted fauna that call it home.  There are ducks and squirrels and geese, hawks and osprey, herons and terns circling above the lakes.   Yes, and the small cadre of mostly older humans who inhabit the park on weekdays.   On weekends, particularly once spring has arrived, the park is crowded with picnickers and partiers, some of them large family reunions and my walking pastime becomes people watching.  I will admit that my sometimes curmudgeonly nature makes people watching more of a mixed bag (as we used to say).  I can find myself smiling at the joys a huge family has in being together or grumping at the behavior of certain individuals, whether it be someone playing music so loud it can be heard in Santa Ana, a bunch of adolescents annoying the ducks, or people leaving trash around.   In my heart of hearts, I know that the music hurts no one, the ducks will be fine and the park staff will be by to clean up the mess. (more…)

Pokemon. Stop.

July 28, 2016

downloadThe park I fondly call My Park is Yorba Regional Park, perhaps the most beautiful of Orange County’s Regional Park system, a mile and a half expanse of lightly wooded grass along the Santa Ana River between Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda.  It has four small lakes, asphalt trails for walking and biking, playgrounds for children and large shelters frequently used for company picnics or family reunions.  A loop around the entire park is about three miles, which makes a perfect place for getting in the 8000 steps a day demanded by my Fit-bit.  For about a week, at the East end of the park where the bluebirds are plentiful and the park walkways open onto the Santa River Trail, people have been congregating in small groups, mesmerized by the cellphones and tablets their hands.   Yep.  It was my first official sighting of people playing Pokemon Go, the mobile device trend that the media has been salivating about for a couple of weeks now.  Now, given a choice between following a trend and leprosy, I’d gladly choose the latter but I am also a technology geek, so I was curious about the game and, in particular, why people would gather in a particular place to play it.  I found Beginners Guide: How to Play Pokemon Go! online and learned that the game includes special locations known as PokeStops where players are more likely to find the critters that are the objects of their quest.  I am inclined to think of such games a complete waste of time … and to be quite honest, my Inner Curmudgeon regards that bevy of Pokemon players staring at their mobile devices as they sit in the prettiest part of the park as idiots.  It’s opinions like that that usually keep him my Inner Curmudgeon.


Mobile Mishaps

October 30, 2012

I’ve written here before about how we … most of us, anyway … take our mobile devices for granted.  Not me.  As a survivor of the world of dial telephones, room-sized computers and ten pound portable radios, I marvel almost daily at the technology I carry in my pocket.    Remember Roledex files?  My Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket does it.   How about Franklin planners?  Ditto.  Once I delighted in CDs and a portable CD players, now, my entire music collection travels with me on my phone.   The TI-30 Scientific Calculator that changed engineering is now an app in my Galaxy II.  Maps … you know, the paper kind … an app that not only automatically finds the exact address I want, it doesn’t require folding.  I can make dinner  reservations, check on my USC Trojans, find cheap gas (well, cheaper), and either text or call a friend without lifting a finger.   But as much as I love the technology on this Top Sites Tuesday #175, sometimes, it makes things too easy.  Let me offer two examples … and Two Thoughts … on Tuesday. (more…)