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Yellow Stickies

August 3, 2017

I have a whole folder of stories I wrote in my I’m Going to Be an Author days.   My brother gave me the idea of publishing a few of my favorites here on Older Eyes.  This light-hearted romance is perhaps my favorite.

stickiesThe first one flutters like a wounded yellow butterfly from the medicine cabinet door and lands face down at the edge of the sink.   I eye it unenthusiastically as I scrape the lather from my cheek, debating whether or not to nudge it into the bowl, letting the steaming water and the dollops of shaving cream wash away whatever ink is hidden on the other side.   Ten-to-one, it says paint the hallway before Thanksgiving, or maybe clean the garage.   Why the hell can’t she just ask instead of leaving these God-damned notes everywhere?   I’ve heard her answer often enough to play it back in my head without asking.

“If I just ask, you’ll forget, and I’ll have to ask again.   Then, you’ll say I’m nagging!”

Shit, I think as I dry my jowls with the pink floral towel taken from an ornate brass ring next to me.   If she finds the towel crumpled next to the sink, she’ll say, How many times do I have to ask you not to use the decorator towels?    I try to fold it into a neat rectangle over the ring the way she does, with the embroidered primrose perfectly centered, but I know I’m caught.   With a sigh, I pick up the yellow Post-It and stick it back on the corner of the mirror, but without my glasses, the words are a blur.   Her meticulous block printing comes into focus when I step back… I am just where I’m meant to be in my life !!!!   The four emphatic exclamation points float like red balloons beneath the words.   “Oh, oh,” I say to myself, “she’s wandering the self-help section of Barnes and Noble again.” (more…)

Friday Favorites 1/3/2014

January 3, 2014

audioYou can trace the history of my tastes in music in vinyl, in the rpm of something we old folks called records, in hi-fi but inconvenient reel-to-reel tapes and a relatively lo-fi but convenient recording medium known as cassettes, and in bright shiny CDs (Nope, no eight-tracks for Older Eyes).   These days, most of my music resides in the Music folder on my PC, smartphone and tablet in the form of mp3 and wmv files. You’d find a very eclectic assortment of music, including: rock and roll oldies (that weren’t old when I collected them); Motown soul; classic rock (that wasn’t classic when I collected it); standards by a variety of vocalists: a lot of jazz (smooth jazz and what jazz snobs call real jazz); rhythm and blues; and classical (from full orchestral to chamber music to opera).   There’s some really old folk (not old folk’s) music like the Kingston Trio and an odd assortment of country (mostly by female vocalists).   Perhaps the oddity in this stew of genre and recording media stew is a few years of New Age music. (more…)

Friday Favorites 5/4/2012

May 4, 2012

At our last Men’s retreat, after an evening meeting, my friend Daniel pointed to something on my chest and said, I assume that has some sort of meaning.  I looked down and the necklace I usually wear under my shirt was hanging outside my T-shirt.   Yes, it does, I told him.  I was just surprised to see you wearing it, he said.  Daniel is a flamboyant younger man given to bright clothes and a theatrical style of speaking, so I’m sure he sees me as a rather staid old fellow.  We here on Bud’s Blog know better.  The small pendant has meaning for several reasons.  For one, I bought it at a small mineral and jewelery store in Newport, Rhode Island at a time when I had committed to certain positive changes in my life and I’ve worn it ever since as a reminder of that commitment.  But it is also made of my favorite mineral, rutilated quartz.  Yes, I’m a geek.  I have a favorite mineral. (more…)

Friday Favorites 3/11/2011

March 11, 2011

About twenty years ago, I went through a brief New Age period.   I needed more spirituality in my life and religion didn’t seem to be a viable option for me.   The mix of Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical traditions, blended with various psychological and parapsychological philosophies seemed a possibility … with the benefit of potentially cracking my rigid rational scientific approach to life.   If I’ve posted about this before, mea culpa … when you’re sixty-six and have posted 425 times in the last two years, there’s bound to be just a bit of repetition.  Besides, this is just the introduction to the real subject of the post.  You knew that by now, didn’t you? (more…)