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Reality. Really.

August 21, 2012

For some holiday in the past year, my daughter, Amy, gave me a subscription to ESPN – The Magazine.  She’s like I am … she loves to find gifts well-suited to the giftee and she knows, I am an avid sports fan.  My reaction to the magazine is mixed.   For one, sixty-eight year old men are not the target demographic of any sports media.  As I pointed out a long time ago, men are set in their buying ways by thirty-five, so the target demographic of sports advertisers in 18-34.  As goes advertising, goes ESPN the magazine.   Therefore, it sometimes spends too much time on silliness like fantasy sports or athlete fashions.   I even threw out one issue when, after noticing the cover photo was a naked man, I found many of the photos inside were, too.  It was the Body Issue.  Am I homophobic?  Absolutely not, but I have no desire to look at naked men, either.  But the other side of the coin is that ESPN often has very interesting articles about aspects of sports that you don’t find in the primary media and it’s one of those I want to talk about here on Top Sites Tuesday #165, the meme where we get to offer Two Thoughts on Tuesday. (more…)