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Friday Favorites 5/25/2012

May 25, 2012

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Muri and I moved to California in 1971.   I was 27 years old.  We told our parents it would only be for a few years … I don’t know if we believed it ourselves but here we are41 years later.   We both liked it here, obviously.  One thing that it took a while to get used to was the pace of change in California.  It seemed as if everything was new and as soon as an area got some mileage on it, redevelopment would begin.  We hadn’t yet discovered picturesque older towns like Laguna Beach and Pasadena.  When we’d travel home to visit family, I loved driving into my home town of East Haven, Connecticut on Main Street where I could count on everything … the library, City Hall, the Old Stone Church, even Holcomb’s Drugstore … being right where I left it.  Then after several years without a visit, I drove into town to find it, too had been redeveloped.  It never seem quite so much my hometown again. (more…)