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Rainy Ramble

March 22, 2018


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Ramble here on Older Eyes – Buds Blog. In case you haven’t been around here long (who has these days), a Ramble is a post I write when I want to post but have nothing in particular to say. Or sometimes … like today …when there are serious topics I don’t feel like writing about right now. It is raining here in Socal, heavy rains predicted through tomorrow. The locaL news here treats every incoming rain storm like a major event but there is some cause this year … the possibility of mudslides in areas affected by the fires last summer, including Anaheim Hills where Mr. and Mrs. Eyes live. Mandatory evacuations have been issued in nearby Corona and voluntary ones a five minute walk away from our house. We are about a block from the fire line so we will probably not be evacuated. I am sitting in my car in the park. Yes, my phone is on so I can get any evacuation news.



Twelve …

December 19, 2017

Sunday, a friend posted a video on Facebook offering Twelve Tough Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit.  To me, it seemed to pretty much summarize how I’d like to live my life.    Here it is, in case you are interested.

Hmm, my Inner Mystic thought as we watched it.  There’s that number again.  Twelve truths.  Twelve Steps.  Twelve apostles.  Twelve days of Christmas.  Twelve months in a year.  I wonder if there’s any numerological significance to the number twelve.


Friday Ramble

July 10, 2015

muffinsI woke up this morning, determined to get my annual blood work and urine screening done.  The good Dr. Garces ordered it over a week ago, but I wanted to be good for a week so my numbers wouldn’t be too bad.  I know, I know.  After a zillion years as a student, I still want to pass every test.  In this case, being good consisted of a week of the South Beach Diet, Phase 1.  Translation: Almost zero carbs.  Don’t worry too much, Dr. Garces always orders an A1c test which measures average blood glucose over roughly the last six weeks, so if I’ve been bad, he’ll know.  The lab was relatively quiet this morning … I was in and out in 15 minutes instead of the usual 45. I stopped at McDonald’s to pick up some breakfast to take to the park, choosing two Egg McMuffins and a large coffee.  I know what you are thinking … blood work over, back to his evil ways. Wrong!  I ate only the egg, Canadian bacon and cheese, which, of course, left me with two perfectly good English muffins.  Rather than throw them in the trash, I tossed them out my car window onto the grass next to my favorite parking place where somebody .. probably a goose, duck or squirrel … might find them.  Waste not, you know?

Wednesday Ramble

May 1, 2013

nexusWhen I bought my Google Nexus tablet, I knew I was buying a toy, something I really didn’t need, something I just had to have because all the other (big) (old) kids had one.   Even though it’s become my e-reader of choice (except when I’m in really bright light, where my old Kindle is better) and my preference for Googling on the move (except when I’m not near wi-fi), I’m still not lost when I momentarily can’t find it or leave it behind.   There’s always my smartphone or the computers distributed through our house.  But I really appreciate my Nexus in the morning when I set it up on the table so I can read the news during breakfast at the kitchen table instead of eating breakfast at my desk.  My computer keyboard is grateful, too, to be spared coffee spills and toast-crumbs. (more…)