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Keeping Up

November 27, 2017

as_grandparents1465617201.jpgOver 44 years ago, my parents made their only trip together from Connecticut to visit us in California.   We were waiting to hear from the Orange County Adoption Agency regarding our pending adoption of a baby boy and had hoped that it might happen before my parents arrived.   But never did we imagine that it would happen while they were here.  But it did.  Three days before their arrival, the agency called and said our first child would be coming home with us on Monday.   It was perfect because we had plans to take my parents to San Francisco for the weekend.   We were so excited about Monday that I remember very little about the weekend, except that we had an ambitious sightseeing schedule and that my parents … particularly my Mom … had trouble Keeping Up with our thirty-something pace.  Yes,  we slowed down and we waited patiently.  They traipsed along gamely.   But we stuck to our schedule and saw all the sights. (more…)


Back to Back

November 9, 2017


Back in the dim corners of my memory, I recall a song in which a farmer-fiddler sat on his porch fiddling away while his roof leaked rain all over him.   A passing traveler advised him to fix his roof, to which the farmer replied, I can’t.  It’s raining.    The logical traveler suggested that when the rain let up, he could do it easily.  The farmer kept fiddling and said, Get along for you give me a pain;  My cabin never leaks when it doesn’t rain.  As a kid, I thought that was pretty funny. (more…)

What Smell?

November 17, 2016

tmp_21799-sense-smell2118188368My wife, Muri and I, deliver Meals on Wheels once a month as a way of being of service to others.  I drive and she packs up the meals to take to the clients … except for one house that has a large but friendly dog named Bubba.  It is my repsonsibility to to deliver the meals there.   This week, as we were driving through the nearby rural town of Yorba Linda, Muri exclaimed, Oooo, skunk! wrinkling her nose and putting her hand over her mouth.  Really ? I said.   I could smell something but I couldn’t tell what it was and it certainly didn’t smell strong enough to be a skunk.  But at this point in my senior years, I know my darling wife is always right when it comes to smells (and, by the way, many other things).   I know I have presbyosmia, the loss of the sense of smell due to aging.


Older Knees

September 21, 2016

wp-1474397828463.jpg Many years ago (shortly after that nasty asteroid put an end to the dinosaurs, I believe), I was running on the Santa Ana River trail, approaching the halfway point of my long Saturday run, about an hour out from my starting point, Yorba Regional Park.  I was minding my own business and in that relaxed place often  described as a runner’s high.   From the bike path, which travels along side the dirt trail I was running on, a passing bicyclist shouted, That will ruin your knees!  I have no idea what motivates people like that.  Perhaps he had ruined his own knees running and wanted to spread the word.   Perhaps he was just a horse’s ass.  I’d like to think I ignored him but I was in my arrogant forties, so it is likely I shouted a response, somewhere between, Mind your own business and Go (have a certain sex act with) yourself.  Of course, even then, I knew there was some truth in what he had shouted … I’d already had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus and was running with orthotic inserts in my shoes to correct  a leg length discrepancy that was giving me … hello … sore knees.  But I loved running.



August 20, 2015

habitsI have often told people that the most important thing in trying to remain happy while pushing on into one’s later years is acceptance of the changes that aging brings.   I know, I know … everyone says sixty is the new forty … and then, by deductive reasoning, seventy is the new fifty.   Let me tell you, the trip from fifty to seventy brings many changes.  Some are good.  Many are not.   And sometimes, happiness depends on more than simple acceptance. (more…)

(Read the) Directions

July 17, 2015

tmp_29992-index(3)1365341189It’s Friday.  I’ve already posted twice this week, so I’ve already reached my recent average posts per week.   But I feel like posting and I don’t feel like posting serious.  Yeah, that’s a lousy sentence.  I do that when I’m in a curmudgeonly mood, so don’t mess with me, OK?   Most of my readers over the years have considered my Inner Curmudgeon funny.  My wife Muri would disagree but she’s had to endure periods of time living with Older Eyes when his Inner Curmudgeon was Outer, so I can’t say that I blame her.  There is nothing my Inner Curmudgeon enjoys more than pointing out, in his curmudgeonly fashion, human frailties, unless perhaps it’s pointing out MY human frailties. That’s because IC (as I like to call him when there’s a need for fewer syllables) believes that my life would be better if I let him run it.  If I thought that I’d be better off living alone for the rest of my life, then he might be right, but since I’m more gregarious in my seventies, he only gets to comment occasionally.

Wednesday Smiles – 1/1/2015

April 1, 2015

perfectI rarely work on weekends any more.  When my business partner and I formed our company fifteen years ago after thirty-something years in big industry, that was one of our goals … no crazy hours.  Work on our own schedules.  Weekends free.  And by the way, no endless meetings.  And we’ve been really good at sticking to that goal.  But every once in a while, there’s a perfect storm … work and life require sacrificing a weekend.  The last two weeks have required full time plus work to meet commitments, prepare for a government government inspection crucial to our business on Monday and my appointment with my tax accountant on Tuesday.  There was an auto accident in which I rear ended A CLIENT on the way to lunch and on-going family issues. I even missed the Sunday Elite Eight Basketball Games.  Really. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. But by four-thirty Tuesday, my tax appointment was over and I was on my way, home free. Or not. If you’ve been coming around here for a while, you know Older Eyes can be prone to panic attacks during times of stress. In the past few years, regular medication (Prozac) plus an occasional Xanax have headed off these nasty little buggers. But not yesterday. (more…)