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July 1, 2014

emergencyTwo weeks ago, after having the sound off on my new Samsung Galaxy S5 Rugged smartphone for a meeting, I entered my lock screen passcode and checked my messages.  There was one from the Orange Police Department asking me to call back if there was an emergency and, if I dialed by accident, to be more careful.  My call log showed I’d butt-dialed 911.  Gotta be more careful to lock my phone, I thought, and I was … but four days later, it happened again, the Garden Grove Police this time.  I couldn’t figure out how it happened.  I have, after all, a very talented tushie but entering entering a four digit passcode is beyond its skill level.  Then it happened again.  That was when I noticed the Emergency Call button on the lock screen.  I pushed it once … up popped the ICE (In Case of Emergency number, 911) and with another push, I was dialing the 911 operator again.  Two pushes, my butt can do, without breaking a sweat (not a pretty picture). (more…)

I Hear Loud People

March 11, 2014

TSTTwo weekends ago, Muri and I were flying from Phoenix to Las Vegas to meet our friends for the weekend.   Since we were flying Southwest Airlines … and were unwilling to spend the extra $12.95 each to upgrade to early boarding … we ended up in the B boarding group, B10 and B11 to be exact.   Since Muri can be a bit claustrophobic and needs an aisle seat, we ended up in the last row.  Across the aisle was a forty something man was telling his date what a wonderful time they were going to have in his best overbearing, I’m-a-confident-guy voice.  There’s always one, Muri said.  And indeed, no matter where we go, there always does seem to be one voice loud enough to annoy … and it’s almost always a man.   Last week, my friend Ralph and I were sitting at Starbucks having coffee.  The young man in a not-even-twenty-couple at the next table was talking so loud Ralph and I could hardly hear each other.  I wish they’d take their first date somewhere else, Ralph said.  Yesterday, needing to get out of my office for a while, I decided to work at our local Corner Bakery, where there’s a regular supply of coffee and an occasional treat.  Of course, working there is impossible without my handy-dandy Bose noise cancelling headphones   Today the culprits were a thirty-something guy in a suit checking in with his home office on his smartphone and two businessmen of some sort discussing what must have been the deal of the century. (more…)


January 26, 2014

AH sunset2)

Last night, on my way home from Islands Restaurant to pick up a work-free Saturday night dinner, I looked up to see the dwindling of the sunset over Anaheim Hills.  Wisps of cotton were touched with the most delicate pink against the fading blue of the evening sky behind the silhouettes of the hill-houses and a few eucalyptus trees.  I sat at the new stop-sign on Night Star Way for maybe 30 seconds, long enough to watch the colors change and snap one mobile phone picture.  In his book, Quiet Moments, David Kundtz calls such times Still Points, spaces in between the events of our lives in which we are not only mindful but in awe of the world around us.  I have several Facebook friends who nearly always Like my impromptu Still Point photos … they are people who periodically post their own and I try to remember to Like theirs.  It is an acknowledgement, I think, a way of saying, Yes, I get it.  It’s a small thing but wondrous. (more…)


May 7, 2013

TSTWe live in remarkable times.  We have remarkable technology all around us.   We carry computing power and communications capabilities in our pockets that would have filled a room when I graduated from college back in the Pleistocene Epoch.   You’d think all that technology would make our society Better.  Well, it’s Top Sites Tuesday #202 – where we get to offer Two Thoughts on just about anything.  My Inner Curmudgeon’s been watching TV commercials again and it looks to him like technology is making us Worse.   Check out, for example, this new commercial by Samsung for its new Galaxy S4 smartphone:


Old Dogs

May 22, 2012

I awoke this morning at 7:30 and took the short walk down the hall to my office.  It’s time to get back to work, I was thinking, I wonder how long it will take me to clean my desk enough to work?  Sure enough, it was strewn with that weird combination of sketch pads, unpaid bills and technical books that mark the tracks of a semi-retired engineer-blogger.  Yes, unpaid bills.   An ominous envelope from the Orange County Tax Collector greeted my arrival home from Arizona.   It appears I forgot to pay the current property tax bill.  Yikes!  I’d swear I did but there’s no evidence.  I opened Firefox to check our bank accounts to be sure, then review my Tuesday post before it publishes … as I usually do … and (hello) there is no post to review.  So here I am on Top Sites Tuesday, where a handful of bloggers get to post Two Thoughts on TuesdayThought Number OneThis Old Dog may be losing it. (more…)