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Losers, Sore and Otherwise

February 10, 2016

camOn Monday, I was talking to a friend about the Super Bowl.  Talking about Denver’s victory … and more specifically the demise of Cam Newton’s miracle season … he said, I’m always glad to see a showboater get his comeuppance.  It is an old fashioned sentiment to be sure.  I haven’t heard anyone under 50 call an athlete a showboater for years, mainly because what we used to call showboating is the norm in sports these days.  And comeuppance?  Who says that anymore?  But it captured my sentiment exactly. OK, for those of you with Younger Eyes:

Showboating: One who seeks attention by ostentatious behavior; a showoff.

Comeuppance: a fate or punishment that’s deserved, like an arrogant trash-talking quarterback who fumbles the ball on the last play and loses the game for his team (Really.  That definition is right here). (more…)


Throwback Thursday – Yellow Bracelets

January 21, 2016

I posted this about three years ago.   My wife, Muri and I were talking to a realtor and she suddenly started talking about Lance Armstrong.  It mystified me until Muri pointed to my Yellow Bracelet, which I have worn for so long, I forget it’s there.  This is the (slightly updated … updates in red) post.

livestrongFor about eight years, I’ve worn a yellow plastic bracelet on my right wrist, day and night.   You’ve probably seen them around.  They have the word LiveStrong embossed on one side.  Of course, they are a signature of The Lance Armstrong Foundation, which is the largest athlete charity in history, raising $470M since 1997 to fight cancer.   I started wearing the bracelet when my friend John was fighting cancer, a battle he lost.   I’ve worn it through Muri’s semiannual mammograms and the sometimes sonograms when something showed up, all false alarms, thank God.   I wore it while my sister-in-law lost her battle and now while my friend, Bill, is fighting his.   It represents my support of charities fighting cancer and my support of anyone dealing with the disease.   It was also a favorite plaything of my favorite cat ever, Mr. P, who disappeared this year.  It’s not about Lance Armstrong. (more…)

Monday Smiles – 5/4/2015

May 4, 2015

Scenes from a weekend:

tmp_24317-20150501_203229456155580Blair Field:  It’s is the home of the Long Beach State Dirtbags.  That’s right, the LBS baseball team is known as the Dirtbags and the are playing the Rainbow Warriors from the University of Hawaii on Friday night.  I’m out for an evening with the guys, even though I have no affiliation with either university and don’t really care much for baseball.   But I’d been invited before and I need a change, so there I am, laughing as I listened to the kids in attendance (with their alumni parents) cheer, Let’s go Dirtbags.   It was a good game on a gorgeous night relaxing with friends.


The Big Game

February 1, 2015

big  gameYep.  It’s that day.  And like 67% of American men**, I will be watching what is often referred to as The Big Game.  Because The Big Game’s real name is trademarked, doncha know?  And like 44% of American women, my wife, Muri, will be watching.  We will not be watching at a Super Bowl (er … Big Game) Party like 20 million other Americans, unless you count the two of us sitting in the family room with an assortment ofwpid-2015-02-01-13.57.02.jpg.jpeg appetizers and the two cats (Mr. P and Elvis) as a party.   Elvis will probably watch, sitting on his favorite spot on the coffee table but it’s darn near certain that Mr. P will nap.  On my lap.  Until there is an exciting play and my body English sends him scurrying upstairs.  Las Vegas has the odds that Muri will take a nap at 3 to 1, while the possibility of an Older Eyes nap are running about even.  This is the kind of game I like … I have a favorite but the preference isn’t so strong that I’ll be miserable if they lose.   The Seahawks are an exciting team and I like both their coach and quarterback.  But they knocked the team I really wanted to see in The Big Game, the Packers, out of the playoffs.  I also get tired of the Marshawn Lynch’s I-won’t-talk Beast Mode schtick, Richard Sherman’s big mouth and The Legion of Boom crap.  So I’ll root for the ball-deflating Patriots.  Once a New Englander, always a New Englander. (more…)


January 22, 2015

deflatedI am a football fan.  I am often a reluctant football fan for a variety of reasons.  As much as I enjoy the games, I dislike the degree of importance we give them and the way we idolize athletes because they can throw or catch a ball … or knock another man to the ground.  While I don’t idolize the players, I do enjoy watching the sometimes amazing athletic feats the games bring into our family room.   But I have to say I’d enjoy them a lot more if I didn’t have to listen to the constant chatter of announcers explaining every play as if it were rocket science.   That’s probably because I don’t have something they call football intelligence.  Then there’s sports-talk, twenty-four hours a day, the place I go for information on the teams I follow and the games I’ve missed.  Unfortunately, the media, aiming for a younger demographic than Older Eyes favors smack-talking announcers and ex-jocks who’d rather create artificial sports controversies and offer sophomoric social commentary than actual report on sports. (more…)

Monday Smiles – 12/1/2014

December 1, 2014

image This has been a Thanksgiving week for the grandkids, almost to the exclusion of everything else, but Saturday, I took the afternoon off to watch my USC Trojans play Notre Dame with my son-in-law, Lars, at their house.  Oh, the kids were around but there are a million kids in the neighborhood, so the grandsons were content to play outside.  Savannah drifted in and out, insisting on a game or two of Old Maid.  There are only three people that could get me to play Old Maid during a USC football game but Savy is one of them.  This has been a disappointing year.  We (the spectator we) lost several games in the final seconds and worse, we were beaten soundly by the basketball school across town last weekend, a loss that made it likely that they would play in the Pac-12 championship game.   Still, in spite of the delusions of most UCLA fans, our biggest rivalry is Notre Dame, a game that Forbes Magazine, no less, calls college football’s greatest because of the long time excellence of both programs.  The game started well, with USC going up 35-0 before Notre Dame’s second string quaterback led them on a touchdown drive to end the firat half.   Given, the Trojan’s penchant for second half collapses this year, I was happy but anything but confident.  But the second half went much like the first, the game ending with a 49-14 score.   Yay!

Peeves. Large and Small.

October 15, 2014

curmudgeonYou may have noticed that someone’s been missing here from Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog for a while.  That would be my cranky alter-ego, my Inner Curmudgeon.   But he’s back with some pet peeves, from small ones like internet ads and Facebook to big ones like the current over-reaction to Africa’s Ebola outbreak in the U.S.

1.  Internet video ads that play automatically when I navigate to a page: I understand that advertising drives the internet these days, but as a music lover who sometimes leaves his speakers on LOUD, I’ve been practically knocked out of my chair by some loudmouthed bozo selling some product or other.  I assure you, my response has never been, Oh, I think I’ll buy one of those.