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Telling Your Own Story

March 20, 2013

storiesEvery four to six weeks, I sit down with a therapist-friend.  We’ve been doing this for quite a long time, so I know her first question will be a variant of, What’s going on since we last talked?  Sometimes, I’ve thought about my answer in advance … sometimes I just wing it.  I’ll tell her the triumphs (usually little), the failures (also usually little), the highlight and lowlights, and how I’ve dealt with each.  I’ll talk about how I’ve dealt with the cast of characters in my life and about my moods.  By the time fifty minutes have passed, I’ll have told the story of the days since I saw her last.  She may offer a few comments … You seem a little depressed or You seem at peace this week … but what benefits me most is seeing the daily events of my life in the context of the whole story.  I get to see patterns.   I get to see what’s working and what’s not.  As a person who can sometimes define his life by the down times, it’s helpful to see what my mood has been like over time.  Most days, if you ask me, How are you? I’d answer based on the emotion of the moment.  Leaving my friend’s office, I know How I am.   I may not tell you, choosing to offer instead the automatic Fine, but I’ll know. (more…)