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The Big Game

February 1, 2015

big  gameYep.  It’s that day.  And like 67% of American men**, I will be watching what is often referred to as The Big Game.  Because The Big Game’s real name is trademarked, doncha know?  And like 44% of American women, my wife, Muri, will be watching.  We will not be watching at a Super Bowl (er … Big Game) Party like 20 million other Americans, unless you count the two of us sitting in the family room with an assortment ofwpid-2015-02-01-13.57.02.jpg.jpeg appetizers and the two cats (Mr. P and Elvis) as a party.   Elvis will probably watch, sitting on his favorite spot on the coffee table but it’s darn near certain that Mr. P will nap.  On my lap.  Until there is an exciting play and my body English sends him scurrying upstairs.  Las Vegas has the odds that Muri will take a nap at 3 to 1, while the possibility of an Older Eyes nap are running about even.  This is the kind of game I like … I have a favorite but the preference isn’t so strong that I’ll be miserable if they lose.   The Seahawks are an exciting team and I like both their coach and quarterback.  But they knocked the team I really wanted to see in The Big Game, the Packers, out of the playoffs.  I also get tired of the Marshawn Lynch’s I-won’t-talk Beast Mode schtick, Richard Sherman’s big mouth and The Legion of Boom crap.  So I’ll root for the ball-deflating Patriots.  Once a New Englander, always a New Englander. (more…)

Almost Super

February 7, 2012

If you’ve been coming here for a while, you know I’m a sports fan, in this order: USC Trojan Football; L.A. Lakers Basketball; University of Connecticut Basketball; and pro football.  Because I don’t have a favorite team, pro football falls pretty far below the other sports.  Oh, there are teams I like … the Packers, the Saints and, yes, the Patriots … but like isn’t love.  So I don’t live for the Super Bowl.  We don’t plan Super Bowl parties or go to them (well, maybe because that’s because we don’t get invited … go figure … two interesting people like us).   I don’t even plan Super Bowl Sunday around the game.  But I watch.  I’ve seen almost every game and over-hyped half time show, as well as hundreds of commercials created just for the occasion. (more…)