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Eats and Treats

May 14, 2013

mac and cheeseSaturday night, Muri and I went out for an Erev Mother’s Day dinner at our favorite brewery-restaurant here in Arizona, Gordon Biersch Restaurant and Brewery.  It has excellent food for a brewery (Muri likes the Lobster Mac and Cheese) and excellent beer for a restaurant (I like their Marzen, a dark amber beer).  I like to try different dishes each time I go but this time I was frustrated by the number of entrees served withbeer with quinoa kale pilaf as a side dish.   I realize both quinoa and kale are trendy superfoods but if I wanted those I’d go to I’d go to Heather’s Organic Vegan Gluten-Free Anti-Oxidant Diner.  Fortunately, Gordon was willing to substitute garlic sauteed spinach which I actually want to eat.  After all, I grew up hearing Popeye tell me, I’ll fight to the finish if I eat my spinach, before he beat the popeyecrap out of Bluto, who was too stupid to ever figure out that if he ate his spinach he wouldn’t lose all the time.   By the way, after years with spinach salad as a favorite, some food nut felt it necessary to tell me that eating spinach raw is bad for me because contains goitrogens (naturally occurring substances that can interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland).  Maybe that’s why Popeye always ate his spinach from a can.  Of course,, which stretches its credibility with the motto, Yes, kids love greens, tells me, To avoid the health risks from pesticides buy only organic dark leafy green vegetables. I guess Popeye managed without that bit of wisdom.  Maybe he was on a budget.  Have you noticed the price of organic vegetables? (more…)