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Stars and Superheroes

June 2, 2014

TSTWhen I used to commute to work … on freeways, not down the hall to my home office … the best sports-talk shows were on the radio during commute times.  Best meant host that were … first … knowledgeable about sports and second, able to talk sports in an entertaining way.   Sports talk has changed.  I would call the most popular format these days the Loudmouth and the Doofus.  A knowledge of sports seems secondary to the ability to generate controversy with baseless opinions, a sophomoric frat-house sense of humor and, of course, world-view to match.  But there are a few good shows still around, mostly exiled to mid-morning or afternoon.  One of those aired locally is Mason and Ireland who feature a daily  bit called Fast Track.   During Fast Track they ask each other five questions, often but not necessarily about sports, to be answered on the spot.   I thought it would be fun for a Top Sites Tuesday #255 post, as long as you’re willing to let my Two Thoughts on Tuesday be Two Questions.  As if you have a choice.  Here we go. (more…)