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Water Polo?

June 3, 2021

swim startI made the East Haven High School swimming team in my junior year.  I was on the short side, a little scrawny and my coach said I had a Red Cross freestyle (NOT a compliment).  Our school didn’t have a pool so we bused to the local YMCA for practices.  I worked hard and swam in a variety of events, including the 100 fly, the 200 individual medley and the relays.   I wasn’t the fastest guy in any event but I was versatile and worked hard to improve.  The summer after my junior year I worked as a lifeguard at a local lake, swimming laps during all my time off duty.  I also hit a growth spurt and returned 6 inches taller with … hello … muscles.   When my coach saw me, he said, What happened to you?  He was even more pleased when he saw my times. (more…)

Throwback Thursday – Making the Team

January 28, 2016

Reed2A week or so ago, my oldest grandson, Reed, tried out for a competitive swim team.  He was very nervous but he made it.   Watching Reed grow … and grow up … often feels like a chance to watch myself as a kid.  Not only does he like the things I liked (and still like), I can see his mind working like mine, right down to being an occasional smart ass with his Mom and Dad.  But I particularly enjoyed his excitement about swimming because being on the swim team in high school was one of those experiences that contributed to the adult I am.  In a good way. (more…)