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Continuing Education

June 2, 2021

curmudgeonIf you’ve read the opening post on Oldereyes – Bud’s Blog, you know I offer you the opportunity to choose how you would describe me after reading a post: Sage, Curmudgeon or Fool.   I believe that sometimes I have the wisdom to be a Sage, although no one has ever called me one, and I try hard not to be a Fool.  But I am convinced that being a curmudgeon …  an ill-tempered old person full of stubborn ideas or opinions … is the natural state of the aging male.  I do my best to keep my curmudgeon Inner but as I curmudge about more things, that gets harder and … I swear … after a half century of marriage, my wife can read my mind anyway.  One  of the things I’ve gotten more curmudgeonly about is television.   There used to be shows my wife Muri and I watched together.  MASH. Taxi. Hill Street Blues.  I miss those times but if I try to watch her shows with her these days, my Inner Curmudgeon fights his way out and makes snide comments, and eventually, she sends me away. (more…)

Just Plain Stupid

November 5, 2019


Recently, I posted about how many black … and black and white … cats are languishing in rescues around the country. If they are lucky, they are in a no kill rescue, meaning they have a forever home, even it’s a cage. Those in shelters that euthanize cats are more likely to euthanize black cats because they are the last to be taken. Why? Because a sizeable slice of our supposedly modern society still believes the ancient superstitions that black cats are bad luck.


Monday Smiles – 1/13/2014

January 13, 2014

smileSome Mondays (or, I must confess, some Sunday nights), when I sit down to write my Monday Smiles for the week, they practically leap from my fingers to the page.  I am a lucky man and smiles, even big smiles, are usually easy to find.  Then there are days when a smile-hunt is required, even though smiles are never an endangered species in Older Eyes’ world.  Sometimes, though, it is also populated by other creatures … anxiety, frowns, worry, tears and that gloomiest of varmints, grief.  In those times, the smiles are still around for the taking but it’s hard to take my eyes off their darker cousins.   Occasionally, the winds of complacency, boredom and expectation blow in, sweeping away my mindfulness and my gratitude so I can’t see the smiles even when they are right in front of me.  Then there are weekends filled with little smiles, simple pleasures and small surprises, and I’m so busy looking for big game that I miss them.  This weekend was like that, easy and filled with small joys and fortunately, I was in a mindful mood, so I bagged a bunch of them.  Here are just a few: (more…)

Late but Cranky

January 2, 2014

curmudgeonOK.  You were warned.  In writing about my holiday good cheer while Holiday Shopping, I told you I keep my Inner Curmudgeon locked in the basement during December and that by the time I let my Inner Curmudgeon out in early January, he’s pissed.  When I opened his cage door on New Years Day, he reminded me that I didn’t even let him rant about our least favorite holiday commercials.  So, before I head out into the world today, I’m going to let him have his rant.  Perhaps if he lets off some steam, he won’t get me into a fist fight in the park with some helicopter Mom who’s letting her child throw rocks at my ducks. (more…)

Friday Favorites 11/8/2013

November 8, 2013

blacklistThis post will be a first on several counts.   For one, it is the first Friday Favorites written at 30,000 feet.  As I said I would be yesterday, I am in an exit row in coach with Muri, flying across the country.  The video presentation at the moment is the first episode of NBC’s The Blacklist and if you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ll be surprised that I’ve seen it.  Older Eyes’ TV diet usually consists of sports and old movies, used as a background for blogging.  I have occasionally watched successful HBO series like The Sopranos and Ten Feet Under on DVDs.  A few months ago, Muri and I watched House of Cards on Netflix, primarily because it stars one of my favorite actors, Kevin Spacey.  Excellent, by the way.  But watching live TV … and a new series at that?  Unheard of.  But in the interests of spending more time together in the evening, Muri’s been watching more of my sports shows (while reading) and I agreed to watch The Blacklist (yes, I may be blogging, too).   And, hey, Mikey, he likes it!   Enough that I’m watching episode 1 again.   Here’s an interesting fact.  You know that TV shows are edited for content before being shown on the airlines.  Would you believe that on our flight, every time someone on the show said the word bomb, it was bleeped out.  Seriously?  Does that make us all safer somehow?  I digress, though. (more…)

Laugh Insurance

October 22, 2013

TSTIf you are a regular reader here on Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog you know that periodically I wax curmudgeonly over TV commercials.  Occasionally, after a particularly dumb ad, I’ll turn to my wife, Muri, and say, I can’t believe they actually paid someone to write this crap.  But pay they do, to the tune of 36 Billion dollars for TV  advertising in the first half of 2013.  That’s Billion with a B.  I also frequently wonder whether advertising actually works … I can’t think of a single time that memories of a commercial influenced my purchases.  In fact, I’ve been inclined not to buy products whose advertisements I found annoying or stupid (At this point my grandkids would say, You said a bad word, Papa. You’re not supposed to say stupid.  And I’d say, OK.  But they don’t read my blog, so stupid it is).   According to an article in The Atlantic by Nigel Hollis, I’m wrong about advertising … it does affect me.  And that’s what I want to talk about here on Top Sites Tuesday #226 – Two Thoughts on Tuesday. (more…)

Wednesday Ramble

May 1, 2013

nexusWhen I bought my Google Nexus tablet, I knew I was buying a toy, something I really didn’t need, something I just had to have because all the other (big) (old) kids had one.   Even though it’s become my e-reader of choice (except when I’m in really bright light, where my old Kindle is better) and my preference for Googling on the move (except when I’m not near wi-fi), I’m still not lost when I momentarily can’t find it or leave it behind.   There’s always my smartphone or the computers distributed through our house.  But I really appreciate my Nexus in the morning when I set it up on the table so I can read the news during breakfast at the kitchen table instead of eating breakfast at my desk.  My computer keyboard is grateful, too, to be spared coffee spills and toast-crumbs. (more…)

Monday Smiles – 3/18/2013

March 18, 2013

I don’t know if you can tell from what you read here, but Older Eyes is usually what we used to call a Pretty Cool Customer.  I am usually Cool Under Pressure.  But here it is, Sunday Night, time to write my Monday Smiles for the week and I just don’t have it.   Because there are two things that always rattle me: my appointment with my tax accountant and government security inspections.  AND.  My tax appointment is tomorrow afternoon and we have a security inspection Tuesday morning.   I’m ready for the tax appointment but I’m still a few documents short for Tuesday.  Muri will tell you, I’ve been anything but Cool today.   And tomorrow will be a very long day.   So, tonight, I’m relaxing.   I watched my Lakers win again, beating the Sacramento Kings 113-102.   Now, I’m watching one of my favorite movies, The Dark Night.   But I’ve got company:

elvis tv

People who say a dog is a man’s best friend has never had the right cat**.   It’s Monday.  I’m smiling … and I’ll be smiling a lot more by Tuesday Night.

TV Elvis

** The cat, of course, is Elvis, my son’s TV watching Burmese.

Friday Favorties 3/8/2013

March 8, 2013

favoritesI started this post Thursday afternoon.   It was going to be about country music, starting out with a bit about the odds that Muri will have country station in the car.  One paragraph in, as sense of deja vu set in, so I searched my previous posts … I’d already written it last August, featuring Kathy Mattea as my Friday Favorite.  Funny.  This time it was going to be Trisha Yearwood.   Still fickle all these years.  Anyway … delete paragraph.  Then I started on a post about those long-gone years when I was a runner.  I thought I’d talk about my favorite marathon, which would give me a chance to feature a picture of my in-shape former self.  Just to be sure, though, I searched my former posts under marathon … and found that I’d already written that post back in 2010 as In the Long Run.  Feel free to check me out there.  Anyway, a hazard of having posted 132 Friday Favorites … and having a 68-year old brain … is that sometimes when a great idea for a post pops into my head, it’s a freaking rerun. (more…)

Kid Stuff

July 26, 2012

Each of my grankids is a talker.  Reed is the thinker, at seven years old more inclined to talk when he can get my full attention.   Maddux, 5, is our question-man.   He wants to know what’s going on and why.   Then there’s Savannah, recently turned 4.   The little girl can talk the paint off the walls.  If she’s not talking to us, she’s talking to herself or one of her dolls, especially Nick, who’s a Cabbage Patch Kid that was once my daughter’s.   When we were at the Grand Canyon last weekend, she kept repeating a phrase … it sounded like, Volcano made a boom-boom.  We asked Reed, Is that what she’s saying?  Yes, said Reed.   It’s from Good Luck CharlieGood Luck Charlie is one of those annoying pre-adolescent Disney shows that Reed likes to watch.  It used to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Higgleytown Heroes when he was little.   Muri and I would both rather have Savy watching those shows but Reed is the only one that really watches TV.   Besides, we’re not the Mommy.  At least it’s not (more…)