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Monday Smiles – 11/25/2013

November 25, 2013

little houseWhen we purchased our Little House here in San Tan Valley, AZ, the plan was to live in Anaheim Hills in the summer and here in the winter once I retired.   Even though these days I’m mostly retired … and most work I have could be done anywhere … that has not come to pass.   The Little House remains our abode for week or two visits with our grandkids, which by itself makes it a good investment.  But we have not developed the social life … either in terms of friends or entertainment venues … that we are used to in California.  But Sunday night, we set off with the only new friends we’ve made here … our next door neighbors, John and Carolyn … for the one reliable live theater we’ve found in the Phoenix area, the Herberger Theater Center.  We found several restaurants within walking distance of the theater online and the plan was to choose when we got there.   We located one Italian restaurant on my smartphone navigator and walked there, only to find it no longer in business, which is a danger of finding restaurants on Yelp.   We walked across the street to Renaissance Hotel that I recalled having a restaurant … but their restaurant was closed on Sunday.  Really?   We asked the concierge who suggested Seamus McCaffery’s, which I thought he said was a steakhouse so we set out again. (more…)