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Theme Envy

August 17, 2010

For three hours late last night I sat at my desk, trying to come up with a post for Top Sites Tuesday Number 73 – Two Thoughts on Tuesday. Oh, I had plenty of thoughts … my hyperactive brain turns them out by the hundreds but not every thought makes a good post.   OK, some days I can turn any thought into a post but last night wasn’t one of those days.  I even wrote a post on appearances motivated by two events: my daughter getting braces … again, at 36 … and me shaving off my facial hair.   You’d probably guess, it was a snoozer.  So, at 11:30, I limped into bed (not from blogging … I’ve been exercising, trying to get in shape again) and vowed to try again in the morning.  Before I dozed off, I thought about my day … and in particular, how I’d spent the afternoon.  And they were … the illusive postable Two Thoughts. (more…)