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Friday Favorites 1/3/2014

January 3, 2014

audioYou can trace the history of my tastes in music in vinyl, in the rpm of something we old folks called records, in hi-fi but inconvenient reel-to-reel tapes and a relatively lo-fi but convenient recording medium known as cassettes, and in bright shiny CDs (Nope, no eight-tracks for Older Eyes).   These days, most of my music resides in the Music folder on my PC, smartphone and tablet in the form of mp3 and wmv files. You’d find a very eclectic assortment of music, including: rock and roll oldies (that weren’t old when I collected them); Motown soul; classic rock (that wasn’t classic when I collected it); standards by a variety of vocalists: a lot of jazz (smooth jazz and what jazz snobs call real jazz); rhythm and blues; and classical (from full orchestral to chamber music to opera).   There’s some really old folk (not old folk’s) music like the Kingston Trio and an odd assortment of country (mostly by female vocalists).   Perhaps the oddity in this stew of genre and recording media stew is a few years of New Age music. (more…)