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Not Just Words

September 7, 2022

wordsThis morning I was writing in my journal about the beauty in the world on one hand and the pain and ugliness on the other.   Yeah, my journal sometimes wrestles with heavy issues.   Anyway, I wrote I don’t know how to ______ the good and the bad in order to believe, as I prefer to, that the world is basically good, leaving a space for the Perfect Word that danced tantalizingly on the tip of my tongue but refused to make an appearance.   I love words and I am used to finding the right word because I have, if I say so myself, a considerable vocabulary.  Some, on the other hand, say I’m pedantic.  Pedantic is, by the way, a self-fulfilling adjective because using it in a sentence qualifies you as being just that.   Unfortunately, as I push toward the end of my seventh decade, coming up with the Perfect Word more frequently brings me to a halt.    For some reason, I always think I know the first letter of the word … this morning I thought the word I sought stated with C.   If I can’t come up with it, I can usually come up with half a dozen other words that are similar in meaning, or I can phrase the word’s meaning in a sentence.  One by one, I Google each of these … and eventually, the Perfect Word shows up.  This morning’s missing word was (not starting with a C, by the way) Reconcile.  I don’t know how to Reconcile the good and the bad in order to believe, as I prefer to, that the world is basically good.  Perfect.

Let me offer some additional Perfect Words, while I can still remember them.   Melancholy … a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause … a word that just aches with longing.   You don’t even have to know the word to know that it’s about sadness.   Another one is Poignant … arousing deep emotion, especially pity or sorrow.   It could be a sad memory, a touching memory, a bitter memory.   But only a Poignant memory captures the pain of something beautiful lost.  I like Mellifluous … the perfect sweet-sounding word for something pleasant to hear.   Obsequious is a Perfect Word for one of my least favorite human traits … showing servile obediencecrystals and excessive eagerness to please.  I love the term Synchronicity, coined by Psychologist Carl Jung to describe the meaningful (or even miraculous) coincidences that occur in your life.   I even believe in it on my good days.  I’ll close with Crystalline, a word so perfect that you can almost see the sparkle between the letters.

How about you?  Do you have Perfect Words you love to use?