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Not Resolutions

January 1, 2023

   Courtesy Washington Post

There was a time, I made New Years resolutions every year and posted them on New Years Day here on Oldereyes – Bud’s Blog.  The last time I did that was 2014.   Sometimes, I would grade myself on how well I kept them at the end of the year.  I was not an honor student.   At some point, I realized I was making basically the same resolutions every year, so I decided to convert my resolutions to a daily checklist that lives on my phone.   For a while I religiously recorded my self-improvement performance daily … until after a while I didn’t.  Oh, I know what’s on the checklist and try to follow my goals but nothing gets recorded.   There is a part of me wants to spontaneously be a better person and there is part that doesn’t want to be bothered.  My Inner Curmudgeon says, You are 78 years old.  You are what you are.  Still, I think resolutions are good for the soul … and unlike my mother, I don’t believe the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Without good intentions, we never improve, and the same Mom that warned against good intentions taught me that life is for growing. (more…)

Wordle, Hard or Easy

April 12, 2022

wordleLike what seems like 90% of the country, I am caught up in the Wordle craze, trying to guess an arbitrary five letter word in six (or fewer) tries.  Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, here’s how it works.  You enter your first guess into the first row of the Wordle board the press Enter.    Wordle responds by showing you which letters are actually in the word of the day, green meaning the letter is in the right place in the word and yellow meaning the letter is in the wrong place.  Letters that are not in the word are shaded gray.   Each guess must be a word in Wordle’s list of acceptable five letter words.  The best part is sharing how many guesses you needed (without givingstats away the answer) by posting your solution on social media showing only the color of your guesses without letters.  Wordle keeps track of how many guesses it takes in a chart shown on the right.   You can see that most often, it takes me 4 guesses but that on good days I can get 2 or 3 … or 5 or 6 on bad days.   In 63 games, I’ve always gotten the word in at most six guesses.   My average score (using the well-known formula) is

            Ave = (1×0+3×2+13×3+23×4+17×5+7×6)/66 = 264/66 = 4.19


Fun with Words

August 29, 2020

The year 2020 has has not been much fun and that has been reflected in my posts.  So, on this lovely Saturday morning (it’s finally cooled off a bit here in South Jordan, UT), I though I’d resurrect an old post from August of 2011.   A fun post.  OK, a fun post if you enjoy words.  I assume it’s obvious by the sheer number of words I generate here that I am a word-guy   . and given the number of readers I have compared to the time I put in here, you’ve got to know I do this for fun.  Now, for a word-guy, what could be more fun than Fun with Words, words strung together in interesting combinations so cool that they have their own name. If you’re on the ball today, you know from my illustration (which is, by the way, a pun) that the first word combination for today is known as an oxymoron, which Wikipedia says is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. (more…)


November 26, 2017

vegas kidsWe are spending Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with my grandkids and their parents at the Wyndham Grand Desert.   I am not a fan of Vegas but it turns out that it is close to halfway between Herrimann, UT, where they live and Socal, where we live.  So, here we are.  This morning, while my wife, daughter and granddaughter were off picking up dinner, the boys were getting restless, so I decided to see if they’d like to take a walk.  I turned to them and said, Why don’t you put on your shoes and we’ll go explore the rest of the property. My grandson, Maddux looked at me with a funny grin and said, You mean you want to walk around the hotel? And there you have it.  Even my ten years old grandson thinks I’m pedantic.  Of course, I am putting words in his mouth … he would never call his Papa a pedant.  In fact I don’t ever recall being called pedantic directly but the word does materialize in my consciousness whenever I get that look after using a sesquipedalion word in common discourse.  Several times I’ve asked, Do you think I’m pedantic?  Sometimes, was sometimes the answer. (more…)

Words and Sports

July 10, 2014

sportsIf you’ve been around here a few times, you know that I am a sports fan, often a passionate one when it comes to my teams.  Sometimes I step back from myself (not an easy feat) and am a little embarrassed about just how a victory can make my day … or a defeat can ruin it.  I am, some report, an intelligent man and they are, after all, only games.  My favorite sports are basketball and football, a domain in which I have definite favorites (USC Trojans. Lakers. UConn Huskies), but when the playoffs roll around, I’ve been known to imbibe a bit of hockey or baseball.  I am also a soccer fan and for the last two weeks I have been overdosing on World Cup soccer.  The games have, for the most part, been excellent (except for that Germany-Brazil debacle) and I can tell you, after watching the Brasilian soccer fans, I am no longer embarrassed, even slightly, by my own fandom. (more…)

Words of the Year

December 12, 2013

selfieBack in November, when the Oxford Dictionary folks selected Selfie as the Word of the Year, I considered posting on the subject.   Selfie isn’t a word, I might have said, it’s slang.  And juvenile slang at that.  Then I Googled Oxford Word of the Year.  It turns out that the runner up for 2013 Word of the Year was twerking.   For 2012 it was omnishambles (what the hell?).  2011 – squeezed middle (ditto).  Hmmm.  A little research revealed that the Oxford word of the year is based on its coming into prominent usage in the past year AND that there is no assurance that the Word of the Year will be added to the Oxford Dictionary.   That made me feel better.  Then I saw the picture of the president of the United States posing for a Selfie with with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt … at the memorial service for Nelson Mandella.  I’m not picking on Mr.Obama.  He is a product of his times and his generation and it beats the hell out of sex games with a cigar and an intern in the Oval Office.  But it did make me wonder if Selfie isn’t in fact the perfect word to describe the state of the species in 2013. (more…)

Best Laid Planz

June 4, 2013

TSTSince I’ve been participating in the BlogDumps meme, Top Sites Tuesday … where we get to offer Two Thoughts on Tuesday … I find myself searching for topics as Monday rolls around.   Usually, I’m looking for something to incite my Inner Curmudgeon, since he seems to be the most popular of my online personas.  Yesterday, driving home from a trip to Trader Joes to pick up Kitty Treats for Mr. P, my son’s Siamese cat, I noticed a sign by the side of the road, advertising the local youth soccer league.  Here it is:

sign5 (more…)

Hangin’ Words

May 8, 2013

startI suspect everyone has played the classic word-game, Hangman, as a kid.  How much they’ve played likely depends upon how much they enjoy games and how much they like words.  As a lover of words, even as a boy, I really liked Hangman.  My grandson, Reed, loves games and loves Hangman, so I have to assume he loves words (but not as much as math … I’m really good at math, he assures me).  When I play Hangman with Reed, I’m a good Papa and use words I think he’ll know, but if you, dear readers, were to challenge me, I’d bring out my Hangin’ Words, because I am both a lover of words and a competitive old coot.  Most people don’t like to play word games with me.  Let me introduce you to my favorite Hangin’ Word right here on Bud’s Blog.  Only six letters. (more…)

How About Some Fun?

April 26, 2012

Things have been a little serious around here lately.  In the last week, there have been Gray days, elbows to the head and earthquakes, wistful Monday Smiles, and Music Therapy to help me get through a difficult day.  Johnny Mathis’ tune Misty turned up to help me get through a melancholy evening and we talked about being F&$ed up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional (F.I.N.E.).  Fortunately, some orioles showed up in the back yard on Thursday or it would have been a dark week here on Bud’s Blog.  Today, I was determined to have some fun.   But how?  Then I noticed the title of a play in an old program from South Coast Repertory Theater … Elemeno Pea.  I haven’t a clue what the play is about but I do know that countless children have believed that elemenopea is the twelfth letter of the alphabet, coming between k and q.  It made me curious (what doesn’t?) … if a word or phase used incorrectly is a malapropism (named by the way, for Mrs. Malaprop in Richard Sheridan’s play The Rivals), what do we call a word or phrase that’s heard wrong?  And there was my post topic … after all, what’s more fun than words? (more…)

Word Fun

August 2, 2011

It’s been a serious few days on Bud’s Blog.   We had The Jesus Follies on Saturday … with all the interesting comment action … then things turning out for The Best (or not) on Sunday.  Even yesterday’s Smiles were of a serious sort.  So, it’s Top Sites Tuesday #110 and it’s time to have some fun.   Once again real work is interfering with my blogging schedule (the nerve!), so I’m having my Word Fun writing this post on Sunday… hopefully, you’ll have yours reading it on Tuesday. (more…)