The Best of Feeling Older

Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog is over five years old now.  It has over fourteen hundred posts written from the only perspective I have, that of an aging American male.   Recently, a fellow blogger posted about gaining wisdom as we age and suggested that that wisdom wasn’t an even trade for all the things that we lose.  She is absolutely correct … it isn’t.  But if I keep my sense of humor, I often prefer being sixty-something to forty-something.  These are my favorite posts about those times:

Feeling Older – the post that started it all!

Senior Wellness – a lighthearted post on being comfortable with my age

Feeling Old … Again – growing older can be a hairy proposition

Schweater? – how to converse without communicating … at sixty-five

The Grandfather Gene – I didn’t know how much I’d love them

Cute Old Couples – wanna be one?

Being Old – Written a few years down the road from Feeling Older

Senior Karma – Learning why my wife hated those trips to the gynecologist.

Me ‘n’ Ponce – Thoughts on not finding the Fountain of Youth.

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