Some people take the same route home every time … the same for Point A to point B.  My wife is one of those people.   I like to try different routes even after I know which is the shortest or the quickest (not always the same here in trafficky Socal).   Partly, it’s because I like a change of scenery but it’s also because I tend to like variety and change.   As Supertramp said in their 1979 hit, I sometimes like to Take the Long Way Home just because I can.    One of the things I loved about training for long distance running was setting out for a long run and choosing roads or trails I’d never run before.   Since, at my fittest, I was running twenty to twenty-five miles on Saturdays, I know my way around neighborhoods all over North Orange County.  But there’s a big difference between choosing a new route to travel and coming upon one of those annoying orange detour signs that says I have to go a different way.  Then, like most of us I think, I’m more likely to say, Oh, crap than, Oh, Yippee, a new route to try.   We like things our way.

As I talked about in Cars and Computers, my son’s truck broke down Monday and the most sensible solution to providing him with transportation seemed to be to bring home our extra (and rarely used) 1998 Toyota Camry from Arizona for him to use.   So, Wednesday morning I was on a Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix, and by noon, I was in my daughter’s mini-van being transported to our Little House in the Desert.   I spent Wednesday afternoon getting the car smog checked then renewed the registration on Thursday.   I spent late Wednesday afternoon with my daughter’s family and got an unexpected grandkid fix, then ran errands with my daughter and the kids  on Thursday afternoon.   While we were out, a friend called to tell me they had a small job for me to work on if I could come by Friday.   Since my plan was to leave Phoenix at five am to beat the heat … and my route goes right by his office … I said I’d stop by.   Of course, I had to stay up to watch USC beat Hawaii Thursday night, so my drive home … and business meeting … were powered by Five Hour Energy and coffee.   I missed all of my Morning Pages, didn’t post anything on Older Eyes and failed to visit the blogs on my Blogs I Read list.   I also looks like I’ll busy with engineering, not blogging, for the next two weeks.

In the roughly two years since my business became semi-retirement, I seem to be growing more tolerant of these twists and turns in my life.   Friday afternoon, I wrote my Friday Favorites after a short nap and here I am at midnight, writing another post.   Tomorrow morning, I’ll go to the park and do my Morning Pages, then maybe a little work on the new job.  Then, it will be date night.    I’ll squeeze in some blog-reading, too, and manage a workout.  When I look at life as a long distance run with an assortment of new routes available, I see crossroads, not detours.   Life isn’t all my way but at least I have choices.

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One Comment on “Detours”

  1. territerri Says:

    Hmmm… I like this perspective. I have a tendency to need things to be the way I like them to be all of the time. Not that I make everyone else miserable when it doesn’t happen that way, but it does create a lot of internal anxiety for me. I have a feeling my life would be a lot easier if I could look at the detours as an adventure rather than an inconvenience.

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