Monday (Smiles)

Back when I was a regular blogger, posting every day, I had a theme for each day of the week.   I don’t know where I found thee inspiration to post every day back then  … and I certainly don’t have it now.  My theme for Mondays was Monday Smiles, the idea being that starting the week with something to smile about would be good to keep my dark side at bay.  There are almost 300 Monday Smiles posts (here) but I haven’t posted one since 2015.   This Monday did not start with smiles.   I didn’t sleep well and awoke with aches from some gardening I did Sunday.   I was grumpy, a state that seems to be more common first thing in the morning as I traverse my seventies.   As I said in my last post, High Maintenance, it takes considerable effort to be the kind of old soul I hoped I’d be.  When my usual Morning Practice failed to lift my spirits, I suggested to my wife, Muri. that we drive down to the South Jordan River Trail, a lovely little spot that has be come our enclave.  Still, no Monday Smiles.

A walk with music, I thought.  That always works.  And so I set out along the trail, listening to one of my jazz playlists, hoping the music would bring on the smiles.   I began to think this walk would be a trudge.  Then, a little miracle, a brightly painted rock with the word SMILE written on it set on the edge of the trail.   Foe the next half mile, every ten feet or so was a painted stone, some just beautifully colored, but most with uplifting sayings.  Someone (probably multiple someones) had taken the time to offer a random act of kindness for trail walkers.   Finally, Monday Smiles.   I want to share a few of the messages with you.

And thanks to my Trail Angels, whoever you are.

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One Comment on “Monday (Smiles)”

  1. Mike Curatola Says:

    Thanks, Bud
    I love how you got a lift from such a simple act of someone’s kindness. I wonder if this is sometimes what’s called a God shot? It made me feel good just reading it.
    Smile onπŸ˜€πŸ˜€.
    Sent from my iPhone

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