Friday Favorites 12/30/2011

Last night, sitting in front of the TV half watching a Bowl Game that I could care less about, I meandered through my posts for 2011, looking for a few favorites for Friday Favorites 12/30/2011.   There were some titles I hardly recognized, while others were like forgotten friends.  Thirteen made the list of possible favorites … maybe it’s time to update the Bud’s Favorites page in my sidebar.  It would seem narcissistic to list that many posts here so I’ll just highlight a few. As always, it’s interesting to note that the posts I like aren’t always the most viewed or most commented.   A good example was Creativity and Amy Winehouse, a rumination on art and addiction brought on by the death of the singer.   Often, I like my Spirituality posts because in writing about what I believe, I crystallize that belief … and sometimes, that resonates with others, as in Pragmatic Spirituality, my most recent thoughts on why I choose to believe.   Bud’s Blog wouldn’t be Bud’s Blog without romantic posts like May I Have This Dance, a remembrance of the joys of slow dancing, or Date Drivin, a description of how Muri and I turn the long drive home from Phoenix into a date.   I really liked my curmudgeonly rant on computer customer service in Peggy and Payton V even though it annoyed my sister-in-law, George Ann.  The Jesus Follies, my thoughts on a Broadway musical (The Book of Mormon) that made fun of a religion’s sacred text, was probably my most commented and controversial post of the  year.  My favorite, though, was Dumb Guy Chic, a rant about the portrayal of dumbness as a quintessential male quality in the media.

But enough about me.  As I said on Wednesday, today I’m going to reveal my favorite post of the year from among the Blogs I Read.   This is an entirely unscientific choice.  I didn’t go back and look through any of the 24 blogs I try to read.   I just thought about it for a while and one post stood out.   Now, movies have the Oscars and television has the Emmys and theater has the Tonys.   Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog has the Oldster.  I’d say this is the First Annual Oldster, but at my age, I may forget all about it by next year.   Anyway, the envelope, please.  The winner of the Oldster is singlecell‘s All Skate!  Now Reverse!, her hilarious description of a 70s style skate party given for her sister.   singlecell’s posts move seamlessly from snide to sentimental and humorous to serious with an eye for detail that I love.  She can engage me in topics … like political debates … that I’d ordinarily pass by, even when it’s clear that we are from different sides of the political spectrum.  She’s also been a loyal reader and fan of my Inner Curmudgeon.

That’s about it for 2011’s Friday Favorites.  What were you favorite posts of the year … on your blog and others?

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6 Comments on “Friday Favorites 12/30/2011”

  1. Wow! That is so incredibly nice of you! Thank you very much – I truly am honored. And I’m glad you enjoyed that post so much. I remember your comment. (And I feel really bad that I just totally sort of smacked you down on your Tebow vs. Maher post from yesterday. Like, JUST. Hit enter, saw pingback, received award, felt bad.)

    Anyway, I really do so appreciate your loyalty almost from Day One of my blogging (I think you were my first commenter). And I do love the Curmudgeon… no offense, Muri. But I like the other Bud, too!

    • oldereyes Says:

      Yeah, you’re really lucky I didn’t see that comment before I gave out my Oldster. I hardly felt smacked down over Maher and Tebow … especially since i never gave my answers to any of the questions, I just said my choice would be easy. Anyway, I did love “All Skate! Now Reverse!” and your writing in general. I too have appreciated your loyalty to Bud’s Blog. It’s fun trading opinions from our difference in years and philosophies.

  2. Nice reflection. Get ready to write the new year – we’re sure it will be interesting. Cheers!

  3. granny1947 Says:

    I am constantly blown away by how much you post.
    That brain of yours is never still.
    Keep it up.
    A wonderful new year to you and Murie.

  4. I second the words of Granny1947 here! You do amaze me too in that you posted daily this past year and each post was fresh and crisp as the ones before it all were too! As to my favorites of the past year, I don’t remember enough about things like that without going in to many, many blogs and re-reading the whole darned things if I were to try to make a judgement call like that! And to do that -well it’s a toss up there as to where I just don’t have enough time or if I’m totally lacking any energy at all these days -or perhaps, it could also be pure laziness on my part too ya know! Peace and Happy New Year too to you and Muri!

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