It’s likely that when you read this, Muri and I will be out in the middle of Freakin’ Nowhere, Arizona, on our way back to Southern California.  It will be my fifty-eighteenth birthday.  We’ll have celebrated it here with my daughter’s family on Saturday, which I love.   Muri and I will likely stop in LaQuinta and have dinner, turning the long drive into a Birthday Date Drive.  We’ll get to luxuriate in the 30-something degree drop in temperature from Phoenix to Anaheim Hills.  Having Muri in my life is the best present a fifty-eighteen year old man could wish for.  The truth is, even when I want to want a present, I have trouble coming up with things.   Muri and I agree, we have most everything we want materially and the things we’d ask for money can’t buy.  Happier children.  Friends not struggling with things like palsy, Alzheimer’s and cancer.  Still, by any reasonable measure, we are very fortunate.  I am very fortunate.

Sixty-five was traumatic … the arrival of a Medicare Card and the forced retirement of both Muri and I made it one of our most awkward years.  But we learned to be old(er) (semi-)retired people and for the most part, we’ve got it down now.   Sixty-Six and Sixty-Seven have seemed like small towns on the not-so-long road to that big city, Seventy.   Of course, there are no guarantees.  I’m going to explore the little town of Fifty-Eighteen for all I’m worth and savor what it has to offer.   I’m going to make the best of those times where life is in session in a way that I wish it weren’t.   After all, it’s my home town for one whole year.

I know this is Sunday and traffic on Bud’s Blog is light, so this may not be read by many.  If your do stop by, take a minute and wish an old curmudgeon Happy Birthday.   It will make a mostly happy man just a little happier.

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14 Comments on “Fifty-Eighteen”

  1. RedheadCarol Says:

    Happy Fifty-Eighteenth Birthday!!!
    Enjoy your birthday date drive with Muri by your side. After all, not all of us are this lucky in life.
    And keep traveling on the road to Seventy. And then to Eighty, and Ninety, and to even more. Because life is a great adventure, and there’s nothing better than to enjoy it in the company of those we love.

  2. cherperz Says:

    Happy 50 eighteenth!!!! While this with be my 50 tenth year, I am totally agreeing with you as I want nothing else material. I think it is wonderful that you and Muri have each other and enough material things to make life pleasant.

    What lovely wishes you have made in wanting things better and brighter for your family and friends. I have to think you’re a blessing to the people in your life.

    Wishing you a great birthday, Bud and many more.

  3. Happy Birthday Bud 🙂
    From your favorite lurker…

    I hope you and Muri have had a wonderful day and a safe trip home.

  4. […] I get started I would like to announce to everyone that it is Bud’s Birthday so make sure to stop by and visit him here. To leave a comment use the Facebook connect or Twitter app it’s easy Happy Birthday […]

  5. liggybee Says:

    Happy Birthday, Bud!!! Hope you are having an awesome day!!! That sounds like a wonderful age to be 🙂

  6. territerri Says:

    Happy Birthday, Bud! Hope you had a great day!

  7. Happy birthday to you!

  8. Happy Fifty-Eighteenth Birthday!!!

  9. Jeni Hill Ertmer Says:

    Since I too will mark the fifty-eighteenth event come October of this year (Good Lord willing and the sun don’t fall, that is), I’m gonna be relying on you to fill me in on any bumps you hit along that route that might apply to me too! Better to be forewarned, isn’t it? Although I do have some really big material things I’d love to acquire -a new car (needed) and a Winnebago Wagon (wanted one of those as long as I can remember) in truth, since I’ve survived this long without those things, I can go the distance not having them too because I have things so much more valuable than any material items -three great children and 3 beautiful, absolutely fantastic, grandkids plus now, 3 quasi-grandsons added to the mix and a “former” step-granddaughter too! Aside from the consistency of the aches and pains in virtually every joint in my body -or so it seems -at times, life is still good. Sure beats the alternative by a long shot, doesn’t it? Glad you had a great birthday celebration and may you (and I) each enjoy many, many more of those things too!

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