Resolutions 2014

resolutionsSo, it’s time.   This year’s crop of resolutions looks a lot like last year’s … mainly because last year, I didn’t do so well.  In some cases, there were extenuating circumstances.  I was not even semi-retired for substantial periods of time and there were other issues (some resolved, some not) that occupied my attention.  I’d say overall, 2013 was a C year for resolutions.  As I’ve said before, I think resolutions are good for the soul … and unlike my mother, I don’t believe the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Without good intentions, we never improve, and the same Mom that warned against good intentions taught me that life is for growing.  I don’t think you can have it both ways, Mom.  Maybe this is the year I get my grades up.  Maybe.

1. Morning Practice:  For many years, I’ve started the day with what I call Morning Practice.  At its fullest, that consists of Morning Pages, meditation, prayer, some spiritual reading and a gratitude list.  At its emptiest, it consists of getting out of bed.  My goal will be Morning Pages at least five days a week.  Include meditation three times a week.  Do it all on Saturdays. (Last year?  I’d give myself a C, mainly because I meditated only rarely).

2. Be Neater:  I tend to leave things around.   My office … my car … my corner of the bedroom … is frequently a disaster.  Muri hates it and sometimes I think what goes on inside my head reflects the clutter around me (It might be the other way around).  I’m going to try to be neater on a daily basis.  I tend to stuff trash … receipts, wrappers, ticket stubs … in my pockets so that when I empty my pockets at the end of the day, well … I’m Mr. Trash Pockets.  It’s a small thing but I’d like to stop.  (Last year I think I did better.  I’ll give myself a C.  You can ask Muri what she thinks.  She’s a tougher grader on such matters)

3. Don’t Be a Bummit:  A Bummit is an old fraternity term for a sloppy dresser.   I love to hang around in friendly jeans and T-shirts.  Muri gets tired of me dressing the same old way.  Just because we’re together for life doesn’t mean I should stop trying.  I’m going to try to dress a little nicer when we’re together.  (B, methinks.  Again, ask Muri)

4. Paint, draw or play music regularly. Start carrying the sketchbook again.  Tune the freakin’ guitar. (Last year? Well, I carried the sketchbook but didn’t use it.  Guitar still covered with dust.  F)

5. Get back in shape.  Get moving again and lose some weight.  Stretch every day and get 30 minutes exercise, even if it’s just walking.   Eat healthier.  This year, add some exercises for balance to prevent falls … see Forty-Something (Last year?  I’d say a C).

6. Read more. Blogs.  Especially fiction.  Learn something new.  (Uhhh ..C?  That is, if learning about computers counts).

7.  Call someone every day.  Family.  Friends.   When I’m not working, my world shrinks.  Reaching out is good for me.  (Again, a C for 2014.  I really hate to use the phone and texting is too impersonal)

8.  A Real Vacation with the Love of My Life

If you make resolutions, I’d love to hear them. If you don’t, why not?

Happy New Year


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4 Comments on “Resolutions 2014”

  1. Kim13 Says:

    I don’t make least not in writing. I know how life can change in an instant, and also that we are given only this moment, the previous moment gone, the next one not promised. It’s not that I won’t aspire to improve myself in whatever areas need improvement, but it is what it is. It will become what it will become. Happy New Year!

    • oldereyes Says:

      I am too undisciplined to “free-run” … so I need them as guideposts and writing them down gives me some accountability, I don’t get too hung up on them though. If I make some progress, nice. If not, there’s (hopefully) always next year.

  2. territerri Says:

    I made some “sort-of” resolutions – sort of a continuation of the weekly goals I’ve been trying to accomplish. This year I hope to stay more consistent with exercise, write more (blog and otherwise,) volunteer some and/or be more charitable, and work at dealing more positively with negative people.

    I wish you the best of luck in your resolutions. Happy New Year, Bud.

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