Brown Snow?

It snowed all night last night leaving a modest accumulation on our front walks.   When we bought our house here in Springhouse Village, I’d have sworn they told us that the sidewalks would be taken care by the association.   That appears to be a hit or miss proposition.  One rumor has it that if there are under two inches, it’s up to us seniors (Springhouse Village is for 55 and older folks and it looks to me like most of us are overqualified).   I didn’t measure but it looked like this morning’ fall was at least three … but by 11 am, no one had showed up to shovel, so I grabbed my trusty snow shovel and did it myself.    One shovel-full reveal a peculiar natural phenomenon – the snow was brownish but only on the surface.  Underneath it was the pristine white stuff I’ve come to love.  I called my wife, Muri, to come and look … she said that there was an article online about Brown Snow falling in Utah.

According to Fox 13 meteorologists, We believe that it’s caused by dirt that’s being picked up across northwest Utah.   We’re seeing some pretty strong northwest winds, with gusts over 40 miles per hour out across the northwest deserts and the salt flats.   When the winds kicked up Friday, so did the dirt and dust. It blew east, mixing with the storm that moved in over the Wasatch Front.  It gets collected in the snow, and then as it falls, the snow will turn a brownish color. 

If this sort of thing becomes commonplace, it has the potential to ruin some of our best cliches and quotes.  Can anything be Pure as the driven snow if the snow is brown?   Who wants to dream of a brown Christmas?  Would e.e. cummings say, The snow doesn’t give a soft brown damn who it touches?  That’s kind of gross.   Are we ready for Snow Brown and the Seven Dirty Little Dwarfs?  Are Snow Angels now fallen angels?  We know what (not) to do about the yellow snow … what do we do about about the brown snow?  Will Moms be saying, Don’t play in the snow, Heather. You’ll get all dirty?

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2 Comments on “Brown Snow?”

  1. barrythewiz Says:

    And you thought the air was dirty in SoCal!

  2. Tee Says:

    Well, I’ve heard warnings about yellow snow for years, but this is the first I’ve heard of brown snow!

    The issue with the association handling snow removal seems to be a common one. I remember shoveling snow many times at my mom’s townhome. Even when the association DID do it, they did a poor job.

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