On the Nose


Checking the main page of my blog today, I found that I haven’t posted since January 11. Such absences are all that uncommon during the past few years, during which my posting has probably best described as intermittent. Perhaps sporadic. Or spasmodic. Anyway, I am prone to postless periods of increasing duration. You probably get the point by now. There are reasons besides literary laziness or poster’s block. For example, we are in the process of going through the stuff we’ve accumulated over 17 years in our current house, discarding the stuff that is junk and donating the stuff that is still useful to charity. George Carlin, commenting on the stuff we all keep, said, Have you noticed that their stuff is junk and your junk is stuff? Except he didn’t say junk. Or course, sorting though my stuff takes time that could be spent posting and inevitably, I come across old pictures. Who can resist sitting down to leaf through a pile of memories, which means no posting or sorting.

The picture below was from a weekend about 30 years ago. My wife Muri, my daughter Amy and her friend Shannon were visiting our friend Jackie and her two daughters at their home in San Diego. We were sitting around the table enjoying a Mexican dinner, when someone (it wasn’t me) asked if I knew how to balance a spoon on my nose. I suspect I was first to try it because I have more nasal real estate from which to hang silverware. You can read all about how to do it, here, in How to Hang a Spoon from Your Nose: 7 Steps (with Pictures). Perhaps if we’d had the benefit of the internet back then we’d have been able to do it, but at the time the spoons just slipped off our noses. Some genius (might be me) decided to use refried beans to hold the spoon in place and before long, everyone was doing it. And laughing so hard we could barely catch our breaths. Not too long we were with Jackie and her daughters, talking about some of the good times we had, and we all agreed that was one of the best weekends ever. The kind of weekend that makes forever memories.


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One Comment on “On the Nose”

  1. your daughter Says:

    Yep, the best weekend! I sure do miss Jackie & mom laughing together so hard that they can’t stop.

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