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Posted March 1, 2009 by oldereyes
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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes - Marcel Proust

Sometimes Older Eyes work, too - Bud


Necessary Definitions

Sage – a wise man; a man of gravity and wisdom; especially, a man venerable for years, and of sound judgment and prudence.

Curmudgeon – an ill-tempered old person full of stubborn ideas or opinions.

Fool – A person with poor judgment or little intelligence; a jester, a person whose role was to entertain a sovereign and the court, often with foolishness.

I’ve been wondering lately what it would be like to be able to relive my life knowing what I know now. Or if I was able to give my grown children a view of the world through my Older Eyes, would it change their lives? Here’s a provocative proposition: If I could get every twenty-year old to look at the world through sixty-four year old eyes for just a few minutes, it would either change them for the better or kill them. Provocative but probably not true. I doubt there are many young men making bucket lists as a result of watching Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

With a do-over unlikely and getting my children to listen to my archaic opinions only slightly less so, I’ll record the view through my Older Eyes here in Bud’s Blog.   As you read each post, you decide … Sage, Curmudgeon, or Fool … we can agree to disagree on which is which. Your comments are welcome, whatever your age.   If what you read changes you for the better, I’d especially like to know.   Hopefully there will be no casualties.   If you are new here and want a taste of my Older Perspective before diving in, The Best of Feeling Older offers a few of my favorite posts on aging.  Finally, if my work inspires you to try blogging … or even if you think, Jeez, I can do this better than Older Eyes – there are a series of posts on doing just that on my page, Starting a WordPress Blog.

A Gift

Posted August 21, 2014 by oldereyes
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giftI was waiting for a friend in Border’s a few years ago, back when there was a Borders instead of a Sprouts Market (I definitely prefer music and books to organic veggies).  I was doing what I often did at Borders, listening to new recordings at the listening stations in the music section.  I’d just found the Ahn Trio’s album, Lullaby for My Favorite Insomniac and was listening to Dies Irie, enraptured.

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On Marriage

Posted August 19, 2014 by oldereyes
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MARRIAGEAs I was writing my Monday Smiles post for our 46th Wedding Anniversary on last week, I found an interesting statistic on marriage.   We’ve all read the gloomy news, how the divorce rate rose from 1950 until 1980 when the baby-boomers … beneficiaries or victims of the sexual revolution, depending upon your point of view … began marrying.   That … and considering the way people react when I say I’ve been married to the same woman for forty-six years … made me think that the forty-six year marriage club we recently joined was exclusive.   Yet, according to the census, approximately half of all first marriages make it to the fortieth anniversary.   Thinking about for a few minutes, it makes sense … if 50% of first marriages end in divorce, then those that don’t go on celebrating anniversaries. Of course, if I think about it for a few more minutes … and do a little elementary calendar math … I realize that those of us celebrating 40 to 50 year anniversaries right now are from my (pre-baby-boomer) generation. Those troublesome boomers are just beginning to influence the statistics and, according to an article on the Washington Post, they are now middle-aged but their pattern of high marital instability continues, making it likely the percentage of marriages reaching 40 years will fall in the coming years.

Still, I feel like I’ve been looking at marriage statistics from the glass-half-empty point of view. After all, half of the first marriage end in divorce. But don’t you find it remarkable that half make it to a fortieth anniversary and beyond? I do.

Monday Smiles – 8/18/2014

Posted August 17, 2014 by oldereyes
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real smilesThere is no doubt that as we age, there are more bittersweet times, and we have to double our efforts to train ourselves to savor the smiles.   On some days, it’s a call from a friend or a kiss on the cheek from someone we love.    Others, it’s a song on the radio or a sunrise.    I’ve decided that on Mondays I will do just that by posting about something that makes me smile, even on the darker days.    I think I’ll call it Monday Smiles.  That is how I began my first Monday Smiles post back in September of 2009.  If you read only that post, you could get the impression that I don’t have much to smile about but you’d be wrong.   I am a very fortunate man. But life is life and I have a dark side so sometimes, I still need to be consciously grateful.   That’s why I added Monday Smiles to my blogging schedule … it is a public gratitude list that starts my week. Read the rest of this post »

Song for a Sunday

Posted August 17, 2014 by oldereyes
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Listening to some of my forgotten recordings this morning, I rediscovered this lovely performance by British soprano, Summer Watson, of Morgen, the last  in a set of four songs composed in 1894 by the German composer Richard Strauss.  It is from her 2000 album, Summer.  It seemed like a perfect post for Sunday.  Photos by Older Eyes.


Posted August 16, 2014 by oldereyes
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image I suppose we each have a default style of living, one that we revert to when we’re not living consciously.   I would call my default life style free-running.   No to-do lists, no schedules, no chores … just dive into what I want to do next until the urge strikes to do something else.   I am, after all, a creative person and don’t creative people have to be spontaneous?   I suppose the answer is Yes, but not always because here’s how it ends up working.   A few minutes ago, in the middle of writing this post, I noticed that the flowers in my containers in the back yard were beginning to wilt, so, naturally, I jumped right up and watered them.  As I was putting the hose away, I noticed the birdfeeders were empty and headed toward the garage get the seed, which is when I noticed the patio door was sticking in its track, something I’ve been meaning to fix for a while now.  So I cleaned out the track and lubricated it and it slides just as smooth as can be, but the bird feeders are still empty.   And the coup de gras, of course, is that my to-do list says I’m supposed to be cleaning my office.  The problem is that when I’m free-running, things get done but there’s no priorities and an assortment of high-priority to-dos begin to pile up.  Those generally include pay-by-the-hour priorities (aka, work), spiritual priorities like jounaling and gratitude lists, and creative ones like writing, painting and listening to music.   Guess which ones get done in crunch time?  Yep, the ones that pay the bills … and the free-running creative finds himself skipping those things that make him tick.

I freaking hate the D-word. No, not divorce, Discipline.  And yet it’s what I need.   You can tell by the mess in my office and in the back seat of my car.   After the last month or so it feels like I’m back to square one.   Oh, God, I hate that feeling but an old friend told me during a discouraging time almost twenty years ago that You’re never starting over, you’re just starting again with every experience and every lesson learned still in your pocket.  Starting again, I can do.  So pardon me, it’s time to go upstairs and clean my office … unless, of course, I notice the old laptop that needs a new power jack calling from my office table.

Have a great weekend.

Friday Favorites 8/15/2014

Posted August 15, 2014 by oldereyes
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FAVORITESince my blogging break a few weeks ago, I’ve found it easier to take a day or two off from Older Eyes – Bud’s Blog. That’s a good thing because blogging was becoming a job … and these days, I have two real jobs to keep me busy, so I don’t need a hobby behaving like work. But I still find it hard to skip my Monday Post, Monday Smiles, and my Friday Post, Friday Favorites … and here it is, 11:15 on Thursday Night. After posting 197 consecutive Friday Favorites, I’ve learned to go back and look at my archives before starting in on a new Friday Favorite because often, my latest inspiration is an inspiration I’ve had before. Case(s) in point. Tonight I considered posting my favorite big band hit (done 9/3/2010, Begin the Beguine by Artie Shaw), my favorite doo-wop song (done 10/21/2011, Come Go with Me by the Del Vikings), my favorite painting (done 8/13/2010, Renoir’s Girl with a Watering Can) and my favorite artist (done 6/24/2011, Claude Monet).   I need to get a post done tonight because I have an important business call in the morning to prepare for.  I’ve already resorted to favorite number and favorite color.  Could it be I’m entirely out of favorites? Not quite. Read the rest of this post »

A Curmudgeon on the Road

Posted August 14, 2014 by oldereyes
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On my way to a doctor’s appointment today, I found myself behind a yellow Nissan XTerra for several miles.  No, yellow doesn’t do the vehicle justice.   It was the color my brother-in-law, Norm, calls hard yellow, a term he used with such assurance that I thought it was a real color.   Nope … it’s a Normism, albeit a good one.  Hard yellow is nowhere to be found on the internet, not as a color anyway  … it does show up as a kind of cheese, a coating on teeth and a kind of skin that shows up on old feet  Yuck.  So, OK, the color of the Nissan was a little toward mustard from true yellow, a little less orange than school-bus yellow and a bit less brown than baby-shit yellow.  Can you picture it now?   No.  Well , here it is.XTERRAOn the rear door of the vehicle … right on the paint, not on the bumper or the rear window … was a sign that read, in red:

Dead things made deader

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