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Posted March 1, 2009 by oldereyes
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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes - Marcel Proust

Sometimes Older Eyes work, too - Bud


Necessary Definitions

Sage – a wise man; a man of gravity and wisdom; especially, a man venerable for years, and of sound judgment and prudence.

Curmudgeon – an ill-tempered old person full of stubborn ideas or opinions.

Fool – A person with poor judgment or little intelligence; a jester, a person whose role was to entertain a sovereign and the court, often with foolishness.

I’ve been wondering lately what it would be like to be able to relive my life knowing what I know now. Or if I was able to give my grown children a view of the world through my Older Eyes, would it change their lives? Here’s a provocative proposition: If I could get every twenty-year old to look at the world through sixty-four year old eyes for just a few minutes, it would either change them for the better or kill them. Provocative but probably not true. I doubt there are many young men making bucket lists as a result of watching Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

With a do-over unlikely and getting my children to listen to my archaic opinions only slightly less so, I’ll record the view through my Older Eyes here in Bud’s Blog.   As you read each post, you decide … Sage, Curmudgeon, or Fool … we can agree to disagree on which is which. Your comments are welcome, whatever your age.   If what you read changes you for the better, I’d especially like to know.   Hopefully there will be no casualties.   If you are new here and want a taste of my Older Perspective before diving in, The Best of Feeling Older offers a few of my favorite posts on aging.  Finally, if my work inspires you to try blogging … or even if you think, Jeez, I can do this better than Older Eyes – there are a series of posts on doing just that on my page, Starting a WordPress Blog.

Holiday Shopping

Posted December 18, 2014 by oldereyes
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santaIt is the lunch hour and I am sitting in the park, taking a break from my first successful shopping day of the Holiday Season.   I say Holiday Season, by the way, not because of any tendency toward political correctness but because Muri and I celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas … and Holiday Season is much easier to type than Hannukah and Christmas Season.  Twenty letters easier if I’ve spelled Hannukah correctly.   I left the house this morning frustrated because until today, I’d found very few gifts on my previous trips to what my grandchildren like to call The Stores.  As in, Where did you go today, Savy?  We went to The Stores with Mommy.  Mommy, by the way, REALLY likes The Stores.  Since the Holiday Season only comes around once a year, I tend to forget that’s that is my Holiday Shopping modus operandi … I need to make multiple trips to The Stores and, often, multiple passes through the same store to get some ideas and to decide what I don’t want.   Then … usually a few days before The Holidays … I have a day like today.   I get up early in the morning to hit the stores before they get busy and things practically jump off the shelves into my cart.  I’m Santa, spreading cheer to other shoppers in line and sales people tired of harried customers.   I remember how much I love buying presents for people and in my seventies, it doesn’t even matter if my son, who never gives me a Christmas list, will likely return 75% of what I buy him.  It’s the thought that counts, right?
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Monday Smiles – 12/15/2014

Posted December 15, 2014 by oldereyes
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wreathPerhaps my favorite job of the Christmas season is decorating the tree.  For many years when our kids were in the house … and i was a whole lot younger, I followed the lead of my Mom, who used to say, Who would want an artificial tree?  I’d dutifully take the kids to the local tree farm and pretend to be letting them pick out the tree they liked best, cleverly circling back to my favorite and singing its praises until they picked it.   Somehow, we’d get it home, saw off a few inches of the trunk and put it in the tree stand, painstakingly adjusting the stand to make the tree stand straight.  Then I’d haul it inside and spend the next hour putting on the lights.  This was not my favorite job of the holiday season … as far as I’m concerned, decorating started with the placement of the first ornament.  When the kids grew up and I grew older, we bought an eight foot artificial tree that spends eleven months a year in a big red bag in our storage bin.   Hauling it out of the bin and into the house is not  as romantic as going to the tree farm but it is a hell of a lot easier.   All I have to do is put the lower section in the stand, add the upper sections and unfold the branches.  The moment of truth comes when I plug it in.  Will all the bulbs light or will I play find the broken bulb until the whole tree is aglow?  That is to say, even with our artificial tree, the joy of decorating starts with the first ornament.
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Highjacking Christmas

Posted December 14, 2014 by oldereyes
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tree2014This has been a Get Ready for Christmas weekeed. I’ve done some Christmas shopping for friends and decorated the house. I spent Saturday morning in the park writing then came home to put up the tree. Muri was out running her own errands so I put my Christmas playlist on the stereo and turned it up to the Wife-Not-Home level. Decorating the tree is one of thos jobs I procrastinate until I begin it, then it is one of my favortie times of the holiday. We have been adding ornaments to our tree for 46 years, so each ornament I hang has a time and place attached. Rhode Island the year we got married. The year we adopted our son. The year we moved to Anaheim Hills. We had plans to go out for dinner with our friends, Ron and Kerry, on Sunday at Gulliver’s Restaurant, which is always beautifully decorated for the season, so we postponed Date Night until then. So, between decorating and errands, I watched a lot of TV. There was the NCAA FCs Football semi-finals, Chatanooga vs. New Hampshire.  Watching a game between two teams I could care less about is a lot more relaxing than watching one of My Teams. Yes, I’m a poor loser. And I watched the fourth quarter and overtime of the Lakers vs. the San Antonio Spurs.   If you are a sports fan at all, you know my Lakers suck this year … if you’ll pardon the expression … but they managed to win on a last second three-pointer by Nick Young.  Yay.   I’ve watched the tail end of The Avengers and  Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.  I watched USC try their best to lose to Army in basketball and win anyway and I watched UCLA try their best to beat Gonzaga and lose anyway.  Double yay.  And naturally, since I’ve spent the so much time in front of the TV, I’ve gotten to watch advertisers Highjacking Christmas in the annual barrage of December TV commercials.
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The Long Way Home

Posted December 11, 2014 by oldereyes
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LONG WAYI feel like posting today.  It’s hard to believe that after five years and over 1600 posts, I still get antsy if I haven’t posted for a few days.   Back a while, I regularly checked the number of visitors and views and waited breathlessly for comments.  OK, that’s an exaggeration … my wife, Muri, will tell you I’m good at that.  These days, I’m satisified with an occasional response on Older Eyes Facebook page or when someone comes up to me at a meeting and refers to something I wrote in a post the week before.  And sometimes, I’m satisfied just to write a post that satisfies me which, I suppose, is the best satisfaction of all. One thing I have discovered in five years of blogging is something Jack London told us all years ago … You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. Sometimes the only cure for the gotta-post antsies is sitting down at the keyboard. Read the rest of this post »

Monday Smiles – 12/8/2014

Posted December 8, 2014 by oldereyes
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striking12_200I have to admit, sometimes, I pre-plan my Monday Smiles. If we are in Arizona and seeing the grandkids, I’m fairly certain I have a topic in hand.  If we have plans … for example, theater tickets … for the weekend, I frequently assume that the experience will give me smile-fodder, especially if it’s something I expect to like.  Thursday night, noticing that we didn’t have plans for the weekend, I went online to see what there was to do.   Our favorite local theater, the Laguna Playhouse, was offering Striking Twelve, a play called a throughly-winning minimalist musical by the New York Times.   Written by the Groovelily, self-described as just your typical violin/piano/drums theatrical power trio, Striking Twelve tells the story of a holiday-disillusioned man staying home on New Years Eve to avoid the faux cheer of the season.  An unexpected visitor to his door sets him to reading Hans Christian Anderson’s The little Match Girl, which in turn transforms his evening.  the Playhouse’s webpage said, Striking Twelve is a unique hybrid of pop-rock, musical comedy and live concert.  Sounded to me like a sure thing for a Sunday Date Night  and … as a bonus … a great topic for Monday Smiles so I grabbed two tickets. Read the rest of this post »

Codgers, Kids and Colds

Posted December 5, 2014 by oldereyes
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image I am sitting in my car, in the park.  I have a low grade headache that has been a frequent visitor since Monday.  My nose is running, which, with a nose like mine, is quite a sight (rim-shot, please).  Thursday, it was sneezing, Wednesday coughing, Tuesday upset stomach. Monday headache, All you happy children, I wish the best to you (another rim-shot, please). I am suffering though a cold, courtesy of my grandkids.  OK, I helped out in their classrooms two days last week in AZ, it could have been any of their germy little classmates.  But it seems to happen every time we go to visit them these days, and while once this cold subsides, I’ll likely say, A cold is a small price to pay for the joy they bring me, at the moment, I’d be fibbing.  Colds seen to hold on longer in my seventies than they did in my forties, too, so by the time I’m feeling better, it will be time to go back for Christmas.  Will my Christmas cold come gift wrapped?

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On Time

Posted December 3, 2014 by oldereyes
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image I have several friends who don’t wear wrist watches.  At least one does so as a sign that he is not a slave to time, something he also proves by being late for meetings.   Back before the days of mobile devices, it used to bug me slightly when he’d ask me what time it was.  If you want to know what time it is, wear a freaking watch, I’d think, never saying it, of course, because that’s how you lose friends.  And future business partners.  Of course, in these days where the time, date and your exact location are available on your smartphone, boycotting wrist watches is a much less meaningful symbol that time doesn’t matter.   Being late still works, however.  The subject of time reminds me of an old Chicago song I loved back in my semi-hippie days, when I was a long-haired, mod-suit and watch wearing defense industry engineer with a peace sign in my rear window. Read the rest of this post »


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